The Company


Company Name Oacianic Knitters Pvt Ltd
Type of Business Knitting, dyeing ,Processing,Finishing,Compacting.
Legal Status Private Limited company
Year of Establishment 1978
Chairman Mr.Angappan Maduraiveeran
0094 714042300
Director Mr.Skandharaja Moorthy
Coporate office &sales Mr.Pragatheesh
0094 714042307
0094 715312805
Bankers Seylan Bank - Mt.Lavania
BOC - Ratmalana
Nations Trust Bank - Mt.Lavania
Auditors M/s. Sunil Piyawardena Associates
Type of products Knit Fabric- P/C, Single jersey, 1x1 Rib , Pique , Lacoste ,collars&cuffs,Interlock ,wetlook& crimplene.
Production Capacity Knitting : 4-5 tons
Dyeing : 10-11 tons a day
Factory Space 1.50 ACRE
Total Manpower 125 Employees


We are extremely proud to state we recently achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification. This ensures that we meet environmental management in a systematically manner. We hope for a much brighter future for OKL with these improved standards.

OKL has improved production efficiency by implementing machinery with latest technology in Knitting ; Dyeing ;Processing; Compacting & Finishing processes. Hence we are proud to state that we achieved customer satisfaction with prompt delivery time. Our goals are to further enhance this quality & quantity.

We achieved a capacity in knitting of 4-5 tons a day and dyeing of 10-11 tons a day and focussing to increase production.

With the new environmental management system we have provided improved and safe working environment for staffs and co-workers.


Personally we visit the country during procurement of raw materials to assure best yarn quality.

Dyes and chemicals are purchased from companies that manufacture according to environment friendly standards.

Our Laboratories equipped with latest machines are operated by trained skilled staff and pass through a strict approval process before production starts.

Machinery Repair and maintenance are closely monitored and replaced to avoid any mishaps in the work space area.

All products are barcoded and ERP systems are in place. The final product is rechecked according to GSM for quality product.

Customer feedback forms are recorded and immediate action taken where necessary.


At OKL, there are over 125 employees, many of whom have been with the organisation since it's humble beginnings. Hence employees welfare is at the heart of what we do and how we do it. A few of the policies and practises are mentioned below:

  1. Ensuring all staff are qualified appropriately for the role and are above the legal age to work
  2. Paying a "living wage" which is substantially higher than the legal minimum
  3. Staff canteen to cater all 3 times meals for all 125 employees
  4. Emergency and compassionate loans provided to all employees.
  5. Supporting the local community via regular donations to local charities, old age homes and orphanages.
  6. And supporting the society with mind consoling Meditation and health consoling Yoga practices through SRILANKA SKY TRUST center which is presided by our own Chairman himself.

As part of our ISO certification there are number of standard infrastructure upgrades, processes and procedures put in place to ensure the safety and security of the staff these include:

  • Upgraded lighting and ventilation
  • Emergency routes & exits throughout the one and half acre facility. And also future implementation of smoke and fire detectors.
  • Strict enforcement of high visibility clothing, safety goggles, shoes, and helmets. Periodic safety assessments and updating of existing safety process have helped to significantly reduce work-related accidents
  • Linked with renowned and specialist Doctors to assist any medical requirements from the factory.


As part of our ISO certification there are number of standard infrastructure upgrades, processes and procedures put in place to ensure the safety and security of the staff these include:

  • Achieving ISO 14001:2015 was an important task for us as we deal with dyes and chemicals .So we take immense responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint which will be safe for our future generations to come.
  • The overall layout of the facility uses energy saving lighting where possible
  • Our machinery are serviced and maintained regularly to control emissions released
  • Raw material used are sustainable sourced
  • We ensure the chemicals we use in our dyeing process are environmentally friendly
  • All waste water from the dying process is treated in our premises and again routed to the Government Centralised Waste Water Treatment Plant in Moratuwa.
  • Training and educating employees on the need to be environmentally conscience
  • Fire Drill is done in regular intervals.